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We are committed to being the industry leader in identification systems by providing customers with products and service that are professional, reliable and of superior quality.


Gill ID Systems is a family owned and operated company. Our primary focus is providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. In order to do so, we remain steadfastly committed to the belief that our customer relations is crucial to success. This means when you call Gill ID with a question or to place an order, you will always get a human on the other end; no automated systems or computers. We are dedicated to the relationships that we have built with our customers and always go above and beyond to ensure that every experience with Gill makes you feel like family.

We offer competitive prices on an assortment of digital identification systems and products; ribbons, identification cards, lanyards, identification badges and more.  Customers that choose Gill ID join an ever growing community of successful businesses and individuals that enjoy getting the support and products they need. 

Our customers include:
  •  Corporations
  •  Municipalities
  •  Recreation Departments
  •  Hospitals
  •  Start-ups
  •  Realtor and Condo Associations
  •  Funeral Homes and much, much more

While contacting tech-support can be a frustrating experience with other companies, Gill ID is proud to remain easily accessible to our customers. Our tech guy is one of the best in the business and is here to answer all of your ID printer and software questions.



Gill ID Systems has been a leader in the identification business for over 30 years. The company was founded in 1979 when Dave took the entrepreneurial leap, accompanied by his German Shepherd Sarge. Having years of experience in the ID business, Dave began Gill Associates out of his home. The business has grown and expanded since then which can be attributed to keeping exceptional customer service as the highest priority.


We are proud to be supporters of:

Wounded Warrior Project


Meet the Associates

While we all have our specific jobs, working together as a team is what it is all about at Gill ID Systems.


Dave is the owner and head honcho here. He knows every aspect of this business… except the whole typing/computer thing. That is okay because he always has "The Gill Associates".



Tony is the lead technical support and he is the guy to help you with any printer or software issues. He will keep you calm and get you up and running again in time to save you from pulling your hair out.



Alicia is the office manager. She hears all and keeps the office running smooth with a good sense of humor. She also handles HR, which makes it difficult to report her to HR.



JD is all about sales and can tell you anything you need to know about the ID products that we carry. He also takes care of shipping and waste management. 



Lisa handles the books here at Gill ID as well as helps out wherever she can. She takes care of the daily lunch orders and acts as JD’s “secretary”. 



Jackie is in sales and works with the website and social media content. She is the newest addition to the Gill family. (Besides Chica)



Skippy acts as company security barking at everything and everyone. If you have ever called Gill ID, you are familiar with the sound of Skippy.




Chica is the welcoming committee and will be the first one to greet you when entering the office - wagging tail in tow.