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Hang Tags & Parking Decals

Hang Tags and decals are used as vehicle identifiers to avoid parking issues for schools, apartments and condominium residents. They can be used for short-term, temporary and visitor parking. We offer standard designs or you can create your own with your choice of fonts, sizes, security options and colors.

Hang Tags

Hang Tags are easily visible when hung from the rearview mirror. They are a quick way to monitor parking with options including consecutive numbering, barcoding, foil stamping and security film overlaying. Printing is available on one or two sides for the visibility you require to maintain and organize your parking facilities.

Parking Decals

For a long-term parking pass solution, decals are available for inside and outside window use. They are weather-resistant, durable and can be printed in full color. We offer a variety of sizes, colors and shapes on white or clear vinyl. You can customize your decals with logos, barcodes and numbers. Please call for samples and pricing.