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Gill Identification offers one of the widest selections of the top ID Card Printers New Jersey businesses and municipalities can rely on for their ID Card Printing needs.  Gill will go the extra mile and make sure to fit you with the right system the first time.

There are a few questions you will want to ask yourself to ensure you purchase the correct ID Card Printer that has the necessary features

  • Are you printing on both sides of the cards?
  • How many cards will you be printing per year?
  • Are you looking to have any security features in or on the ID cards?

By answering these questions we can set you up with the best system to suit your needs. At Gill ID we offer support on all of the printers that we sell.


SMART Printers from IDP provide a convenient, user-friendly product with the ability to print text, graphics, barcodes and photos. They are easy to upgrade, have innovative technology and are designed to support a flexible user environment. 

SMART-30S (Single Sided Printer)

SMART-30S produces full color or monochrome cards quickly and is the ideal solution to print ID Cards in demand or in volume.  This printer offers encoding options and is easily upgradeable to adjust to your needs.

  • Color & Monochrome Printing
  • Transparent Card Printing with Magnetic Stripe
  • Full Encoding Support (Magnetic, Contact, Contactless)
  • Compact Size
  • Removable Stacker

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The IDP Smart 30D printer is an intelligent dual-sided card printing solution. Encoding options are available to meet all of your ID card printing demands.

SMART-30D (Dual Sided Printer)

  • Dual-Sided Printing
  • Print Speed: 33 sec./ card (YMCKOK)
  • 300dpi with Edge-to-Edge Printing
  • Field Upgradable by Installation of Flipper on SMART-30S
  • LED Button for Front Operation
  • Low Cost Security with UV Printing
  • Installable Encoders: Magnetic Stripe, Contact and Contactless

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SMART-50D (Dual Sided Printer)

For dual-sided printing, the SMART-50D supports fast printing and high-quality graphics in either color or monochrome printing. It is a great solution to print ID cards on demand or in volume which makes it ideal for many applications in a variety of environments.

  • Dual-Sided Printing
  • Print Speed: 27 sec./ card (YMCKOK)
  • 300dpi with Edge-to-Edge Printing
  • 50S Field Upgradable to 50D
  • 2-line LCD with 2 LED Buttons for Front Operation
  • Low Cost Security with UV Printing
  • Installable Encoders: Magnetic Stripe, Contact and Contactless, SIM
  • Upgradable Modules: Laminator and Network

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SMART-50L (Laminator)

When it comes to security and durability, the SMART-50L provides premium protection for ID cards. This printer produces long-life cards for ID and access control with customizable security features and the ability to print smart cards. The 50L offers you a consistent & fast laminating solution.

  • Single or Dual-Sided Printing and Laminating
  • Instant Direct Heating Lamination
  • Printing and Laminating Speed: 23sec./card (YMCK and Single Lamination)
  • Holographic Lamination for Visual Security and Card Durability
  • 2-line LCD with 2 LED Buttons for Front Operation
  • Upgradable Modules: Network


Smart Line of Printers

IDP SMART Ribbon Change

SMART-30 Set Up

IDP SMART-50 Series Demo


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