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    Laminators & laminates


    We offer three different size laminating machines along with multiple sized lamination pouches and sheets. Laminating adds strength, stability, and protection to important documents and badges. We can custom cut laminates to any size that you need and offer different weights. 


    Model 5500 (5.5″)

    Model 6000 (10″)

    Model 7000 (12″)

    Our high quality long lasting laminators are available in 4”, 10” and 12”. The machines carry a five-year factory warranty against defects or wear out. All models shown include the following features:

    • Fan cooled outlet table, positioned to prevent “lost” cards
    • Finned heat sink for additional cooling
    • Illuminated power switches serve as a reminder and warning
    • Illuminated ready signal
    • Brushless gear motor for long trouble-free life
    • All electrical components are mounted to grounded chassis
    • Carrier is not required to laminate 3/2-3/2 or thicker pouches
    • Molded silicone rollers withstand elevated temperatures
    • Porous bronze bearings are permanently lubricated
    • Built in thermometer is standard


    Lamination sheets and pouches are used to protect and seal documents and other important items. They cannot be torn and shield items with color printing from fading. The inside of the lamination is coated with a heat-activated film that adheres to the product as it passes through the laminator. They come in various sizes and weights and are available with a magnetic stripe. Please see below for all of our stock laminate sizes. Please call us regarding custom cut laminates.

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