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    ID cards and ID card printing are an ever increasing need in business and ID cards can be used as employee badges, reusable visitor badges and more. Standard identification cards are ideal for those who need a professional, purely visual credential without any internal technology.  ID cards can be used for basic identification for anything from schools to employee access. Gill ID Systems carries everything from blank PVC cards, magnetic striped cards, preprinted cards, role recognition cards, access control cards and embedded security cards. If you have any questions about ID card printing we are here to make certain that you get the proper cards to assure the security of your establishment.


    Blank PVC Cards

    Our blank white PVC cards provide the base you need to create your own IDs and loyalty cards. Whether you are printing in color or monochrome you will receive high quality printouts and well-defined barcodes. They come in standard credit card size and can be used in all desktop card printers. We offer preprinted cards with non-variable data to save you money on your ribbon use.

    Magnetic Stripe Cards

    A magnetic stripe is a strip of magnetic tape attached to a plastic card that is encoded with data, which may be read by a device such as a POS system or access control lock device. These cards are programmable, standard credit card size and provide a way for you to create unique customized readable cards.

    Adhesive Back Cards

    Standard credit card sized blank adhesive plastic cards feature a peel-off backing adhesive. This allows you to customize your proximity card which cannot go through a card printer. Simply print with your ID card printer onto the adhesive card, and when complete, pull off the back to reveal the adhesive which can be pressed onto a proximity card.

    Color PVC Cards

    We have a wide variety of colors available in credit card sized cards which are a unique way to add color to monochrome printed cards. These graphic-quality colored ID cards are 100% PVC and are ideal for most ID card printers.
    *Please note that we do not recommend printing color images or photos on color cards. It will be difficult to read or decipher images and photos.   


    Proximity & Smart Cards 

    Proximity cards feature cardholder data embedded within the card which can be detected when the card is passed within range of a reader. Proximity cards are used for security, identification, as access control cards, and other applications that require rapid processing speeds. Available bit structure in 24, 26, 34, 35, 36, and standard 37. Please call us with any questions on Proximity and Smart Cards.

    Badge Recognition

    Role-recognition is becoming increasingly important, and Badge Buddies allow healthcare workers to be identified quickly at a glance. Simply place the Badge Buddy behind your existing ID card and clip them together with a badge reel or strap clip for easy use. They are available in horizontal or vertical, single or dual sided and are fully laminated for durability.

    Security Overlays

    Transparent overlays are used to enhance the security of identification cards. You can easily affix to the front of an ID card by placing the hologram over the credentials. This gives the card protection against wear as well as prevents alterations, duplicating and copying. The holographic design includes a tamper-evident security adhesive so that you can be assured that they will not be removed without you knowing. We offer stock designs as well as custom designs to give you personalized protection.

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